Outdoor Activities/Sports

Outdoor Activities/Sports

Sports Activities

When it comes to sports and outdoor activities we are speaking the real fun deal, our program will include different sports from Soccer to Basketball, American Football, Cricket, You name it.

All programs will be managed by experienced coaches from inside and outside of our community to ensure the quality of the service and best results.

Our Sports Program will be skill-based, which means that all participants will be admitted based on skill level in the sport of choice and will be placed with their peers of the same level in the training.

Outdoor Activities

Our outdoor program will be based on the adventurous spirit and will include activities inside and outside of Tallahassee based on the age group, and will accommodate all ages and budgets. Through our outdoor activities, we will deliver our message to the participants which will include stories about the prophet peace be upon him, stories about his companions, and we will discuss topics that matter to our youngsters and youth, to make sure that our program is delivering the religious, social, emotional, and mental lessons to take home and apply it in daily life.