OUR Programs

Islamic Studies

In our Islamic Studies Program, we will help our students to learn the Quran, understand it, then memorize it, and will teach them the Life of prophet Mohamed ﷺ and how to apply it practically in real life so they see the good impact will do in their local community. We owe it to our coming generation to keep their Islamic Identity while merging in American society, giving them the ability to create a better future for America

After School Program/SAT Prep/Academic Support

help our students to have a great experience in their school we are providing an academic support program (k-12) in English, Math, Science, and Pre-SAT and other subjects through the best teachers from inside and outside of our Muslim community to guarantee the best results while they are in a safe environment managed by people who share our values and integrities.

Outdoor Activities/Sports

To give our students the best experience we can't just offer spiritual and mental programs we offer outdoor activities, camping, and sport league programs, from Basketball to Cricket, Soccer, and Football to give their body energy and healthy lifestyle that will keep them busy from all other unwanted activities they can involve in their lives. Using the best outdoors/sports coaches from inside and outside of our Muslim community, we can prepare a great healthy generation and prepare a sports career for a lot of our students who are willing to take sports to another level

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What Does the Quran and the Hadith says


    Parents constantly thinking about different ways to make their children closer to Allah and distance them away from the wrong path, and to create stronger healthier generation to lead our community in the future, at Full Moon Academy we can help Insha Allah!

    Reaching out to teach today’s generation via traditional ways is not as effective as before, our approach is to educate our kids through adventure and hand-on activities so they are engaged both mentally and emotionally into the educational process, not only that they will get the knowledge of  Deen Insha Allah but it will stick to their memory because of the way it was delivered to them, and the approach used to make them engage into indirect educational process.

    Why we use this approach?

    To guarantee Insha Allah their interest in the learning process, fun, easy and informal.

    Being around the right companionship of Muslims

    A lot of our kids don’t find the Muslim friends they need because of the lack of activities that puts them with other Muslim kids of their age, we at Full Moon Academy will solve this problem, not only that, we will teach them the Insha Allah the Islamic etiquette of how to deal with each other and other community members.